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Documenting everyday life inspires me in so many ways. Not only personally (and if you follow me, you know there is no shortage of that!), but also for the families I have the privilege of photographing.

I find my sessions always starts out where families look to me for direction, to guide them on what to do, in front of my lens. All I really do is urge you to be with your family, as you know how to do that best. There is minimal posing, and typically it’s just me running around you and with you all (hopefully stealthily) capturing all the moments as time unfolds. Don’t get me wrong, throughout all this time, I am chatting with you and your kids, getting to know you, and observing your family’s love language through my little viewfinder. But the magic…the je ne sais quoi…that…that is brought by you, and all that makes up your beautiful family!! I’m just here, a girl with her camera, documenting it for you.

Being around my clients and being able to tell their story through my eyes and still capture the essence of their individuality as well as their togetherness….well, they say ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. I swear family sessions turn me into a better person, a better mother, and more appreciative of my two littles and my time with them.

It is so easy to lose sight of what is important. Our lives are busy, everything needs some sort of prioritization. We all likely work more than we should (or want to). With so much noise in our lives, it becomes difficult to slow down,  return to the basics, and take a breath or two. I love my typical lifestyle portrait sessions, but my sessions where families get to slow the hands of time, turn to each other, and just be, tops it all. These sessions also provide a gentle nudge to be present, and make memories in the everyday. It is these daily moments, which might seem trivial and small, where meaningful connections are made – are the moments you will cherish, when one day you look up to realize that moment is gone.

Seriously. I can’t even explain it but I urge everyone to book a session! These sessions don’t need to be in your home – pick a favorite family activity or two, in the here and now, and let’s go at it!

Overall, of all the best things that I cannot articulate, the best return for me is when families re-discover the joy and the love in their everyday. Fall in love with one another again. <3

This session below was a lovely evening spent out with Nicole and her two littles, just doing what they like to do at their neighbourhood play park, while Daddy is away working.

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