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Of all the events, weddings and types of sessions I have photographed, the ones that bring me the most joy and reward is photographing families. Families that know how to have fun, let loose, get dirty, laugh lots, and best of all, immerse themselves in each other’s love, even amidst the moment to moment challenges that crop up. Over the last 2 years (and yes, it’s taken me this long as this is just my part-time job), I’ve been working at trying to put a note on what I do (it’s not just because I like to take photos – of which I do), to dive into what it is at the heart. My why, if you will.

Which is where you and your family come in. I am looking for one more family for one last assignment to help push me out of my comfort zone, to hone in my voice, as seen through my lens. To capture real life, as the moments unfold, in real time. Raw. Heartfelt. Unscripted.

So what is life unscripted? Basically, it’s what you do, day in and day out. As you move through your day – your routines, activities, never ending lists of to-do’s, rushing in and out of all the instances that make up your life. No one is there telling you what to do, or how to do it (except yourself…or the little beings that run us, haha). Sometimes these days are filled with more momentous shared experiences, traditions or intentional time together. Sometimes they are just days that might seem normal, ordinary, or boring.

I can tell you that over the last few years of photographing families, each and every one has been far from normal and ordinary. And each and every family has been extraordinarily far from boring. The fact is, is that your life is beautiful, and you are more blessed than you may realize.

The idea of a Unscripted session may seem overwhelming or daunting to some. Many families are uncertain of what to expect, what to do, what to wear, or that they are not Pinterest-worthy or exciting enough. Couple this with the idea of having someone (me) come into their home, following them around, might feel odd. However, I can assure you that all this is farther from the truth. I will work with you so you know what to expect, to release your expectations, and to assure you that there is no “performance” required.

However, we all like a little bit of guidance, so here are some ideas of what your family could incorporate into your session. Please know that these are just ideas, but if your family has other activities that you typically do, let’s do it!! Nothing is boring….nothing – the magic of just you and your family, intentionally spending time together, is the beauty in your life.


  • Housework – kids love to help out – whether it be doing the laundry, cleaning up a mess, sweeping, etc.
  • Kitchen – baking, prepping and making meals, science experiments, crafts – if you think about the one place where most families come together, this is usually the top space (the other being the living room/bonus room); a lot of love and magic happens here!
  • Living Room – read books, play boardgames, tickle fests, wrestling wars, dance parties – get cozy, snuggle, huddle, get in together!
  • Lazy weekend days – move through your weekend day – no school, no daycare, no work. My kids and I look forward to weekends – it’s our time to slow down, enjoy one another without the hustle of the day. Wake up, brush teeth, change, make breakfast together, go for a walk – the day is yours. Weekends are days when the whole family is together – enjoying the day as it unfolds (even if there are a few pre-planned activities!).
  • The four B’s – bath, brush teeth, book, and bedtime – from the chaos at the beginning of the routine to the quieter snuggly moments, the four B’s make some of the most sentimental, awe-evoking pictures
  • New additions – nothing takes the stress out of newborn sessions like doing these slower, move-at-your-own-pace sessions – loads of time for long drawn out moments, sleepy breaths, and all the snuggles you can get!


Sessions don’t necessary need to be inside! Incorporate the best of both worlds.

  • Decorating – this usually emits alot of love and laughter, and special moments. It’s a good way to capture the season and tells a great story of your family. Think Halloween pumpkin carving, decorating and trying on costumes. Christmas – baking, putting up the tree (maybe going to find the perfect tree!), magic of christmas lights – you get the idea.
  • Snow – playing outside in the snow – the sparkle, the joy, build snowmen and snow forts, have snowball fights – the snow creates such a magical backdrop and adds such a fun element to play.
  • Grocery shopping – may someone please please bring me along for this? I love grocery shopping, and especially with my boys. I grew up loving the time I spent with my mom, clipping coupons, flipping through flyers, and then riding the cart as we shopped.
  • Be a Tourist in your own City – spend a few hours doing things you would do if you were visiting the city. What are some must see/must do/must try places you would mention to visitors? Do those! Grab your family for a jaunt through some fav places.
  • Playground/Adventure walks/Beach/Camping

  • Zoo/Muttart/Fort Edmonton/RAM/AGA visits

Are you still here? Yay! If you are looking to change your way of thinking and seeing family sessions, and are interested in being a part of my assignment for an Unscripted session – please take the time to complete this questionnaire below before or by October 20! I will be in touch sometime in the last week of the October.

In the meantime, if you would like to capture any of the moments listed above, why not request a copy of my New Client Guide and I’ll be in touch to discuss how we can capture your life, Unscripted.

* Please know that I am only looking to fill one family for my Family Callout – I appreciate all of your interest and support, and hope that I will be considered for your Unscripted session now or in the new future. 



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