Hello! I’m so glad you’re here!

I'm Miranda!

I've been taking photos for half my life - not fully appreciating the true value and impact of a photograph until the birth of my first son. I became impassioned with documenting every aspect of this little baby that was mine.

I'm sentimental, romantic and nostalgic, and I tend to gravitate towards little details, the joy in the chaos, and the quiet pull of close moments. I love the ever-changing thoughts, expressions and adventures of children, and am so inspired by the connections and infinite love within families.

Time moves faster than we'd like, and it just doesn’t stop. We're so busy parenting and working and growing alongside our littles, that we forget to slow down. Photography was my cathartic process to slow down and became my wrinkle in time. It helped me remember that all the joy, love, laughter, and adventures together more than balance out the copious amounts of wine and chocolate consumed during the rough times. These beautiful moments, these cherished memories are what I covet for my own family and don't want to slip away, and I want to provide the same for yours.

My favorite type of sessions are pretty much just hanging out with you like an old friend, whether that be in your home, at a nearby park, or running around doing some of your favorite things as a family. I'm happiest where you are happiest. If the idea of posing and thinking about your session gives you the sweats, and all you want is to remember the love and joy in your everyday, authentic moments, then I'm your girl!

I can’t wait to plan our next adventure together!

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