My Neverland Boy

At the time this is posted, this beautiful bright-eyed boy I call mine, will be a mere 6 hours and 50 minutes from turning 7. Ok…who counts like that now? Basically, when this is posted and I wake up, I will have a 7 year old. SEVEN. Was it only a year ago that I was walking down memory lane, celebrating his 6th birthday? (You can read that post here). I still fondly recall writing a blog post as I returned to work…7 years ago – yes, I’m a sentimental person and am always amazed at how fast time flies when it stands still for a second, for you to absorb all that has happened and look upon where you came.

This amazing boy of mine:

  • loves to cuddle, snuggle and be connected – so often I’ll be reading a bedtime book(s) to my boys and he will sit next to me, an arm hooked around mine, head leaning on me, without a gap between us.
  • creates adventures wherever he goes
  • has no fear….when it’s something that is used to satiate his curiosity or his ‘epic’ adventures
  • learns his absolute best when it is play-centred but is also such a rule-follower
  • has the best smile, and to go with that smile, the best laugh when he discovers pure joy
  • so nurturing and caring – it still surprises me sometimes
  • has a temper when pushed, or feels slighted in any way
  • can cheer you up with potty humour (a boy talent?!)
  • happily colours, crafts, creates, builds, and tests out his curiosities without missing a beat
  • lets mommy sleep-in (as does baby brother!)
  • has a great sense of humour, similar to mine, and I love when we sporadically laugh at the same things maniacally
  • best big brother (when they aren’t losing their minds at each other over things that seem silly to me)
  • doesn’t want to grow up…

Happy 7th birthday, my Geen. Love you more than words and more than any amount of photos I take of you!! To adventures ahead…

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