Two Brothers // February

Back in February, I came across The Two Brothers Project in a Facebook group. A sign I was along the right path as just a month prior I had made it a goal to start a personal project with the idea of ‘two in a frame’ – I also have one I want to start ‘three in a frame’ (or something like that) where I am also in the frame…but let’s start small, people….

You can read about how the collaborative project came about in the link above, but this project just sings to my heart. Not only does it get me out of my monthly comfort zone of photographing my two boys, but it inspires me to capture their brotherhood in creative ways, that speak to their individual identities as well as their relationship, their bond. It is equally inspiring and refreshing to see so many other brotherhood bonds, and all the ways that our unique perspectives put on it.

Long story short, this is a photography project that, so far, has been quite easy to commit to…much like the gym, my commitment to personal projects (though well intended) usually fall wayward pretty fast, lol. I guess I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself…I’ve only just begun.

Here is my February image.

See this month’s project HERE!

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