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Delanna and Regan | Couples

This lady is someone that I hold dear – we used to be roomies back in the day, from sharing our clothes, groceries and living space, stuffing dirty dishes in the oven (when we had guests over), growing questionable potato plants in drawers, to telling tall tales of ditch discoveries – we’ve done it. We’ve enjoyed a ton of good times and very rarely, bad times (I chalk her moving out on me a bad time…haha). Over the last few years, we haven’t been as ‘connected’ as I would’ve liked, but of the times we have spent together, it’s as if nothing has changed (aside from age, perhaps). Delanna, or D as I like to call her, is one of those incredible friends who will see you through thick and thin, is always positive and happy (though she will share her trials and tribulations) and always puts a smile on your face. Time nor distance will alter the friendship with her.

So, of course, I was thrilled when she met Regan. I first met him at my own wedding as her date/then boyfriend, and through the various times I’ve seen Delanna, I know he makes her incredibly happy. I’ve now met Regan twice (ok, three times if you count our recent encounter at a craft store), but each and every time, it’s as if we’ve been friends for awhile. He’s that easy to get along with, and comfortably so. These two are as real and authentic as two people can be, and together, even more so. I love how they look at one another, how they crack one another up, and how comfortable they are together. Their love sings (yup, I just wrote that).

Prior to a session, I always send out a little questionnaire to my clients, and hands down (not that it’s a contest), they came back with the best responses that literally cracked me up. I already knew they would be fun, but now I doubly knew. Here are a few questions I ask…

What do you love about your partner? – Makes me happy and makes me laugh.

What do you want to remember about you two, right now? – How happy we are.

What types of photos are you envisioning for the session? – Ones with my eyes open!! haha. Some of the photos that I picture placing up on our wall are the ones that do not focus on us. Where we are in the photo but not the focal point.

Delanna + Regan, I don’t think I’ve laughed more through a session than with you two, so I think that is a great testimony that you both clearly laugh together (there’s a cheesy cliche saying that goes with that, but I’ve met my quota for the night). Unfortunately, I don’t think I met your request for the type of photos you both were envisioning. With Regan’s past experience as a Sears model (just kidding, inside session joke) and you both looking so fierce, fun and real in every photo, I had no choice but to make you the focal point. 😉

I haven’t mentioned their awesome doggies, Sage and Beau, but they are just as awesome as their human parent counterparts!! I know they loved me, what with my mad pet whispering skills!

Hope you both love your pictures. I can’t wait for your wedding, and D, I’m so glad you found someone so awesome, friend.


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