Business Branding Facelift

I’ve needed new business cards for so long, but was so slow at getting around to them. I think I waited so long because I knew I would be going the USB route (i.e. away from discs). I also didn’t want to just haphazardly order business cards as I did when I first started. Though I am drawn to a lot of different looks and styles, I wanted my updated branding to remain clean and modern. I took out the damask and silver in my branding – betcha didn’t even know I had that in there 😉 I ended up ordering my business cards through MOO (my previous ones were also from MOO) and ordered their new Luxe line – love!

This was when I first received my box…(I did do a little jump seeing the purple ribbon wrapped around my box, and may have let out a little glee of excitement).


I knew when I ordered them that I would be doing a little DIY to them to add some personality – it was so simple! I scoured the pinterest and google for tons of posts until I was sure I knew which paper stock and type of paint would work best. Which is why I ended up order the Luxe cards (super thick!) and went with acrylic paint. It took me about a half hour to do them all (between dry times and picking them apart)…though I lost about 4 cards in the process. No pain, no gain.


and…this is the result!! Thought I’d also throw in my snazzy new USBs for a photo opp or two 🙂


Hope you like them! I sure do!

xx ~ Mir

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