A Still March // Instagram Challenge


In late February, a fellow friend wanted a creative outlet to snap her out of her comfort zone and decided to start an Instagram photography challenge during the month of March. All we had to do was post a still life (of inanimate objects) photo to our Instagram feed once a day throughout March. Usually I find it completely difficult to commit, and end up off the bandwagon within the first few challenges, but this one was easy to keep up with. If we forgot or chose not to or just didn’t find the time to post to our feed that day, we could just pick up another day – no sweat!

We tagged all of our grams with the hashtag #astillmarch so that we could search one another’s photos. I think that was the funnest portion – checking out everyone else’s pics! Search the hashtag above if you’d like to see contributions 🙂

I am an avid Instagrammer – it’s my favorite social media outlet by far! If you choose to follow me, be fair warned that it is mostly comprised of my personal life…mostly of the three main pillars of my life (hubby, son and dog). Still curious…? Check out my Instagram feed HERE.

Here are a few of my #astillmarch images – all via my iPhone 4s. <3

**Update [15Jun17]: I’ve since made my Insta accounts private, so if you’d like to follow me, shoot me a request! I can be found on my current one @amiriginallife and @mirandawenselphotography


Lastly, if you love Instagram as much as I do, I recently discovered a company called Origrami that prints your Instagram photos. Now I know there are a few others that can utilize your feed and make prints, but you have to check out Origrami – super cute!! Here’s a pic I took of my arrival today 🙂


xx ~ Mir

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