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Carly and Luke | Couples

These two are determined. No, really, they are. That’s how they describe themselves as a couple, and I think it shows how devoted and strong their relationship is. Carly + Luke are two of the sweetest individuals I’ve met, and as a couple, they are just so easy together. I always provide a questionnaire to my couples along with a face-to-face. When asked to describe what they love about one another, here’s what they had to say. so sweet!

Luke: I love the strength in Carly’s personality along with her moral judgment. She has a good sense of right and wrong, and isn’t afraid to stand up and speak her mind. She is very beautiful and always pushes me to become better at everything i do every day. I know that she is the best thing to happen to me thus far in life.

Carly: He’s my best friend, he always gives me the right advice to be the best person I can be. I love joking around with him and it’s just so easy to be myself around him because I know he loves me for being me. It’s very comforting to share my life with him and know that he’s always going to be in my corner no matter what life throws at us.

Are you teary-eyed yet and clutching your heart? These two are ¬†competitive, love to laugh together and spend time together. Luke plays hockey and Carly curls. They love lazy saturdays, and by lazy, just a slower day in one another’s company. You both are amazing and I am so glad you both touched my life!

Sidenote – Luke, i completely agree with you – Carly is definitely beautiful (and bears a slight resemblance to Kate Beckinsale). Plus, I can see how happy you both make one another and that’s a win in my books!


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