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The Howitts and Wights | Edmonton Family Photographer

Two families. Three super cute kids. I had the privilege of capturing some close family members late fall of last year.

The Howitt family – three gingers and a brunette. Melis is surrounded by a band of three testosterone filled, adventure packed boys/man combo…oh and toss in that ginger spirit – she basically is a non-stop mom, and a great one at that (she is way ahead of me on knowing when and where to place her boys into activities…i am a bit…slower).  Brodie is someone I’ve known since junior high (we have a great friendship story…ask me one day) and who happened to marry into the same family I did (small world right!?), so now we are basically friends for life. Their two beautiful boys are two of our t-monster’s cousins/buddies (and thus, friends for life as well). Like our monster, Noah shares the same passion for trains and automobiles and leads the way in what little boys should get into next. Leo, the littlest teddy bear is super cuddly and just wants to be everywhere that his big brother is (though at the time of shooting, he wasn’t very mobile on two).

The Wight family – Jenny is Melissa’s younger sister, and her husband Jay and lil’ man Oliver round up their family. Jenny and i hung out quite frequently back in our…(ahem) younger years. I’ve gone to Mexico a few times with her and clearly enjoy her company. Jay is a strong and silent type of guy who is really great at golf (and spends as much time playing it as my hubby plays video games, or thinks about racing) and Oli is their blue-eyed munchkin who takes everything in, but wants to follow Noah and Leo every chance he gets.

These little boys, along with Tristan, are sure going to create some wild adventures for us all. I hope we all can laugh through some (if not most) of it!

Thanks for trusting your beautiful families with me! It’s always a pleasure 🙂


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