Meh.X.Co. That’s how our lil’ guy pronounced mexico almost a year ago.

In april of last year, we decided to get away for a small vacation and capitalize on a free flight for our son (then one month shy of 2 years) to our family’s condo in Nuevo Vallarta. Prior to that, our last trip was our babymoon to Maui and Honolulu in Hawai’i, so it was definitely time. Our t-monster did pretty well waiting for the flight, but with a three hour delay, made him more “hands-on” on the flight (i.e. more up and down the aisle). All in all, he did surprisingly well compared to the horror stories i’ve heard, and we were all super happy to land on mexican soil! Seeing everything through T’s eyes was more than a complete joy. We were lucky enough to have our trip coincide with my in-laws’ and to watch the many moments unfold just about burst my heart. From airplanes, sandy bums, reading books with grandpa, collecting pails and pails of ocean water with grandma, seeing parrots ‘perform’, swimming in the ocean (he didn’t quite like that) and the pool, to all things sand and sun, this was a memorable first trip as a family (Joe and I even had a date excursion!!). Here are just a few of my fav moments.

I think we are due for another family trip soon!

Mexico-1Mexico-2Mexico-3Mexico-4Mexico-5Mexico-6Mexico-7Mexico-8Mexico-9Mexico-10Mexico-11Mexico-12Mexico-13Mexico-14Mexico-15Mexico-16Mexico-17Mexico-18Mexico-19Mexico-20Mexico-21Mexico-22Mexico-23Mexico-24the next four photos were taken by our excursion guides…when they stopped us in a line, then told us to gun it {i was first in line}, i had no idea why…but i quickly found out!Mexico-25Mexico-26Mexico-27Mexico-28Mexico-29Mexico-30Mexico-31Mexico-32Mexico-33Mexico-34Mexico-35Mexico-36Mexico-37

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