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Walter Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

The last time I saw this adorable family was when they were in the throes of expecting their first. This super cute family has since added another member (a beautiful baby girl) into their family, and it was an honour to capture some family time for them. Hanging out with Matt and Jocelyn is always full of easy smiles and laughter. Little Gavin took a little time to warm up to me, which is quite normal for toddlers, but once he did, we were playing hide and seek and running through the bushes, full force. I love when I can knock ‘exercising’ off of my daily to-do.

The biggest compliment was paid when Jocelyn later told me that Gavin said “Miranda Fun”. That made the sweating and being out-run by a child completely worth it…and melted my heart so.

Nothing but Sunday Fun-day.


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