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Leah and Cody | Couples


By far, these two lovebirds and the resulting session are definitely on the top of my list since I started up my business. Leah and Cody are effortlessly fun, laid-back, and so happily immersed in their love for one another. Upon meeting Leah for the first time (only a mere short weeks ago!), I was awestruck by her beautiful blue eyes (let alone her beauty!) and the warmth and openness she exuded. I only knew that Cody would be similar.

This is how they met…as pulled from their wedding invitation, designed by Cody himself:

  • Leah & Cody met at the ivory club
  • Leah, the cook and Cody, the doorman. It was love at first sight…but Leah had to return to France for her last semester of culinary arts.
  • They kept in contact: mail, phone, Facebook, carrier pigeon.
  • When Leah returned to Ddmonton…she asked him out. He attempted to play coy and nearly blew it.
  • A few months later, she confessed her undying love for him “I love you like I love my most expensive pair of shoes”. His thought “I don’t smell that bad.”
  • Then in September 2010, Cody invited Leah to move in with him to save on gas and spend more money on her (not his choice)
  • Somewhere in Malaysia (!!), Cody got the courage to ask Leah for her hand after her father’s approval…of course…and she said yes!

uUm…sweet right? and did you gather that they are a pair that love to laugh together?! I had never laughed so much in any session than with them. Every few pictures, they would bust something out which would catch me off guard, and then they would melt into one another’s arms with complete ease as if nothing happened. Here is what I caught amidst and between the love and laughter.



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