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With much anticipation, a few weeks ago I took a wedding workshop put together by the talented and amazing Christina Craft of Funkytown Photography. my anticipation was due to the fact that it was my first wedding workshop alongside other much more experienced wedding photographers and be in way over my head (I can happily say that I wasn’t as I just focussed on me and getting my learn on).

Christina was fun, bubbly and lovable. she was equally interested, helpful and enthusiastic with all of us. She has such a creative eye, and instead of the normal “styled” shooting most workshops have, our workshop consisted of finding the light wherever it was and learning to make the best use of it with our model. Her style of shooting is completely different from mine – although I am still continually evolving – I tend to prefer even lighting and I don’t do a lot of black and whites. This workshop has given me the confidence to embrace light (all kinds) wherever it may be. I’m excited to take the knowledge I’ve learned from Christina and fuse a little bit of it into my evolving style.

Here are some of my favorite images from the workshop ~  I hope you enjoy.


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